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What wallart should I buy?

Updated: May 11, 2021

So you have your gallery of around 20 images from your pet photography session and you're already having a hard time choosing from them! Now what about the artwork?! What wallart should you go for? How many pieces should you buy? Where can you put them? I get it, it's a tough decision and I do not envy you having to make it!

Have no fear! It's not all as scary as it sounds, and my role as a Pet Photographer in the Eastern Suburbs is not just to take beautiful photos of your pet. I am also here to guide you through making the right decision for you and your home when you are looking to buy wall art from your session. Whilst I can't make the decision for you, I can absolutely help by showing you what most clients prefer to go for when ordering their artwork.

One Hero Image

A great way to show off your gorgeous new wallart is to display one large, main image, pride of place in the centre of the room on its own. There's no better way to shout 'I love my furbaby!' loud & proud.

The 'Hero Image' is a guaranteed way to ensure a HUGE pop of joy in your heart when you walk into the room and it is most definitely a talking point in any home. I'll be more than surprised if it's not one of the first things your guests will ask you about when they come to visit. A fantastic excuse to tell them about your beautiful pup if you ask me!

Most people like to buy at least one large hero image for one room, and will purchase a few smaller collections for other areas in the home. This allows them to have a feature piece for the heart of their home, like the living room, dining room or even the bedroom, and also a few other pieces either sprinkled throughout their favourite spaces or a group of images in a more personal room in the house.

What I would say, however, is that if you are going for one main piece, remember that bigger IS better and I'm not just saying that in order to sell you the biggest wall art that I possibly can. Interior stylists will tell you that this principle applies to any artwork that you're planning to buy for your home (along with the rule of three). If you go too small, your beautiful print will be lost on the wall amongst the rest of the surrounding furniture, so the general rule of thumb is to go for something that is as least 2/3rds of the sofa/ console/ mantle piece that's displayed beneath it. Considering this is an investment that you will enjoy every single day, I'd say it's pretty good value for money to have a considered piece that really suits the space that you put it in.

Ssooo, what are these smaller collections and how can you display them? Keep reading!


Collections are a group of wallart pieces that are displayed together on the wall. They are a wonderful way for you to have a few more images from your session, displayed in a way that shows them at their best. Whether you're thinking about hanging your furry bestie's images along the hallway or the home office, the great thing about collections is that they can fill large empty walls or the adorn smaller wall spaces that you'd normally not think was a space to hang artwork.

The below pre-designed collections below will hopefully give you an idea of how you might like to style your wall art. These can be up or down sized depending on what your needs are.

Alternatively, I do use a rather fancy programme that allows me to mock up what your artwork will look like together so we can have a look at different configurations during your purchasing appointment.

As mentioned before, I'm here to guide you through choosing the best pieces for you and your home, so I can I can even show you what the artwork will look like on your very own walls!

Yep, that's how fancy this programme is!


Should I go Framed or Canvas?

Also a big decision to make as both framed artwork and canvases are printed with the highest quality paper or canvas and with the best quality inks at a local printer who puts a lot of energy into ensure they deliver the best as well. So from my point of view both wall arts will bring something special to your walls.

Framed Artwork

Prints in frames are definitely my personal favourite and they're also a favourite with my clients. With their neutral frame finishes they can look both traditional and modern in any room and also offer a clean and sharp feel to the images. If I had my way,I would probably have a wall full from ceiling to floor of framed images of my client's pups, but I'm pretty sure my partner would not agree...maybe one day when I have my own showroom!

Each framed piece comes with Art Glass rather than standard glass or acrylic. This means that reflections are minimised, so you will be able to see your carefully captured love one in their frame much easier.

Please note: Art glass does not mean NO reflections. There will still be reflections visible so I would advise with framed prints that they are not positioned facing a window. If you were thinking of ordering a print for a room with lots of large windows or bright lighting, I would probably direct you more towards a canvas or framed canvas to avoid too much glare across the glass.


A Canvas is instantly considered more artsy and modern, maybe because they often remind us of a gallery exhibition in the City with more adventurous artists. Suitable for every room, with great colour and texture from the canvas material, it is a great addition to any wall.

What's also good about ordering a canvas, is that it doesn't compromise on the detail of your pet's fur like you would think. You can still see every hair that's supposed to be in focus on your image so you still get the same beautiful quality.


At the end of the day, whilst there may be a favourite type art work chosen by others, or specific collections that are more common than others, it's all about you and what will suit your needs best. Hopefully this little blog post gives you a little bit more to think about when you are deciding on artwork but as always, always make sure you ask if you're not sure, do not hesitate to walk it through with me.


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