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Home Sweet Home

Home & Lifestyle pet photography for the pups & people of Warwickshire

Because sometimes home is best! It's where the pitter patter of four paws follow us through each room, where the cosy chair and snuggly blanket is, where we get morning snuggles and evening cuddles. It's where we've made the most memories with our furry favourites.


Perfect for older dogs or pets that may be more settled in a home environment! Or just because you prefer lifestyle artwork of your home, for your home.

Session Fee-125.png

All Home Sweet Home sessions include:

A ​phone consultation to learn about your pet/s.

A photo session for up to two pets from the same household, at your home address, within Warwickshire.

A Purchase Appointment online to select your favourite images

Plus a 5in x 7in gift print of your choice valued at £75

Note: Printed artwork and digital files are not included with the session fee and can be purchased separately during your Purchasing appointment following your photo session.

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Paws_Right, grey, trans bkground-02.png
Paws_Right, grey, trans bkground-02.png
Paws_Right, grey, trans bkground-02.png

Click here to

How it works!

Step 1_Book you session_02-19.png

Step 1
Click to book!

Nice & Easy! Click the BOOK NOW button on this page to book in your session date. Fill in the form to tell me more about yourself and your favourite things about your beloved pet. Once payment of your session fee has been processed, your photoshoot is official!

Step 2_Harry-19.png

Step 2 
It's SuPAWstar Time!

It's time for your pup to shine! We'll enjoy a fun & treat filled couple of hours together taking stunning photos of your pet (and you if you want to be in photos too).


Don't worry, I come bearing treats, toys and a range of strange noises to help get their attention and keep your four-legged love one happy throughout our time. together.

TOW_Big Reveal_Image-21.png

Step 3
Enjoy your photos!

This is most people's favourite bit! I'll take you through a slideshow of the highlights of your session whilst and help you decide which photos you love the most!

All ordering takes place during your Purchasing Appointment and whether it's framed prints or canvas, Collections or Hero pieces, you will walk away with something that is crafted just for you and your home.

Paws_Right, grey, trans bkground-02.png

Ask me anything!

If you still have some questions that's completely ok! Click below to book in a non-commital Zoomie to talk things over and find out more before you commit:

  • Why are these sessions Limited Edition?
    Floral photos are extremely popular amongst pet parents, and I don't blame you! They add such a beautiful element to any portrait of your pup. However, certain flowers, of course, only grow in certain locations during a select few months of the year, so this means I only have a very short window to take these photos. Not only that, we do not want to damage the flowers as they appear, so there are only a few Seasonal Sessions available per season to keep the impact of our session to a minimum. To avoid disappointment, I would suggest signing up to the mailing list so that you will be the first to know which dates these sessions will be available!
  • What if my dog is a wiggle bum and won't sit still long enough?
    I promise you, this question is on almost every dog owner's mind! And it is no problem at all! Having had a few puppies under my lens, I am very familiar with the regular fidget bottom. Not only do treats and noises help, but the magic of photoshop is also at my fingertips to help capture those perfectly posed images. First of all, I only need a split second to get the shot I'm after so the chances are I'll capture the perfect shot within a few moments of waggling tempting treats in front of the camera. However, your session is all about your dog being your dog. There is absolutely ZERO pressure for them to sit still at all! If they are not comfortable, we will move on or try again later. Secondly, your dog will be on a leash to help pop them into the best position and I will direct you through the best ways to do this. Their lead will then be removed on any photos you select during your design appointment. (see how this works here)
  • My dog is a bit nervous. Can I still have a photo session?
    Absolutely! We all know that new environments, new people, loud noises are not everyone's cup of tea. Even more so for a dog! What helps most is knowing what makes the world big and scary and planning well in advance. Before your session you will be filling in a questionnaire and I will also be contacting you to find out your dog's dislikes, likes and loves. If they are not comfortable with busy spaces, sounds, other dogs & children we will conduct your session in a quieter spot where we can take a bit more time to get those photos that you will cherish. I also have a lovely camera lens which means that I can give your furry bestie all the personal space that they need. If you have any further questions, my phone line is open so please give me a call to talk more about anything you're worried about: 07552 676 104
  • It looks like it's going to rain! What will happen?
    Hello world famous British weather! We are, of course, graced with endless soggy days that are not always predictable. These are unfortunately out of our control, but it does not mean we can not have your photoshoot. Whilst your session will still be possible to go ahead if it's only lightly drizzling, I will be keeping an eagle eye on the weather on the run up to your big day. If it looks like rain is inevitable, I will be in touch to see if you'd still like to go ahead or if you'd prefer to reschedule. I also welcome a challenge! Soggy doggies often have a lot of fun and we can still get some fantastic images on a wet day. So if you're still game to shoot in the rain, so am I!
About me & Rusty, Blk_01.png
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"The lovely Steph took some fabulous pics of lovely Molly... one that adorns my wall, capturing the memory of a holiday in Cornwall & a last set at Christmas time... treasured forever, as we lost Molly not long after.

Great ability to capture those special moments and expressions... The best!"

 - Molly's Mum, Julie

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