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About me

About Me

Hey there! It's very nice to meet you! My name is Steph.

I specialise in on-location & at-home photography of the gorgeous dogs that make The Midlands their home! Like most, I think there's nothing better in the world than coming home to

a happily wagging tail, a drooling smile and a demand for a belly rub. 

Sadly I have no longer have a fur family of my own at the moment so I'm currently living through

all of the lovely clients that allow me to spend time shooting their absolutely beautiful pups.

Whilst photography is at everyone's fingertips these days, there is something very special about

being the one to capture wonderfully heartwarming moments between people and their pets.

And incase you're wondering... YES! I absolutely take photos of cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, owls

and all of other stunningly wonderful pets you may have. 

Read more about my motivation behind starting Smalls & Talls here!

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Fun Facts

*My very first pets were four goldfish named Eeny, Meeny Miney & Mo.

*Being behind the camera is definitely more preferable than being in front of it. Like most I get extra awkward in front of the lens.

*I'm a reluctant runner, occasional baker and sometimes a paper artist when I'm not snapping photos of pets. Also a self proclaimed plant mama and a pyjama enthusiast! There's no better feeling then getting into bed in fresh pjs!

What I can do for you!

I come from a background in Art & Design, having been considered a 'creative' all of my life.

I studied an Art foundation course at Central Saint Martins, London and also did a Design degree

at Goldsmiths University of London. Whilst that was many moons ago, my education has given me

a great foundation to, not only, provide you with the best images that I can produce,

but also to help lead you through the design of your artwork! So, whether you decide that wall art

or an album is best, I will be there to advise you along the way.


Follow me on Instagram for regular pupdates @smallsandtalls_petphotography:

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