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Beautiful, bespoke artwork of your pet that has been created just for you!

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So you're thinking of booking a session, but what can you do with your photos?

From traditional framed artwork to the more modern canvas, artwork for your walls

is a timeless look for any home. With quality being key for the artworks you choose from your shoot, all of your images have not only been taken with a huge amount of love and passion, but also printed and framed with the greatest of care.

*Interest free 2, 3 or 4 month payment plans available to help you spread the cost.

*Don't forget you'll have credit available from your Retainer Fee to put towards your artwork too!

Please contact me for a full list of pricing:


Wall Art

From traditional framed artwork to more modern canvases, these quality pieces are guaranteed to give you a pop of joy when you see them hanging on your walls.

Starting From:



Acrylics Blocks

The perfect work from home reminder of your wonderful loved one, that will make you smile inside without fail. These blocks are great for sideboards, shelves and even gifts for friends or family.

(Available as Add ons only)

Starting From:


Sample Album Image_Buddy.jpg


When treasured keepsakes are what you value most, a coffee table album is a beautiful reminder of your special furbaby. The best way to cherish multiple images from your day in stunning print.

Starting From:


Coming Soon

Your Investment

To give you an idea of the investment so that you can decide if a photo session is for you, there is a retainer fee of £195 to lock in the date & time for your session. You then get £100 straight back as artwork credit which you can put towards your wallart during your Ordering Appointment!

There's NO minimum spend, but artwork starts from £160 for desktop products and £430 for wallart. Most of my clients choose to spend between £1,000 - £3,000, however, there's no obligation for you to do the same! We will work together to put together something that fits within your budget, whether that's a hero piece or a collection for your walls or an album as a keepsake.

Interest Free payment plans-19.png
Artwork Credit-19.png
Louis_Heritage_no mount.jpg

Wall Art

Wall Art


I can not explain to you that joyous feeling you'll get when you walk into your home to see the grinning face of your furry loved one staring down at you from your walls. However, I can tell you now, it's warm and fuzzy and will make your heart smile without fail. Not only will you have great shots from your experience, but you can rest assured that they will look exceptional as artwork that will make you smile for a lifetime when hung pride of place on your wall in high quality print.





(Starting from £465)


X Large, Large, Medium, Small

Standard frames are offered in a small range

of finishes and are fitted with art glass to help

minimise reflections and give your piece

a greater depth of colour.​

Don't forget, you'll have credit to put

towards your artwork!

download (2) Cranky Steve.jpg

Wall Art Sizes

Educate - Artwork Sizes-19_edited.jpg



(Starting from £430)


X Large, Large, Medium, Small

Canvases offer a modern & artsy look

to any wall and are priced the

same as framed wallart. 

When you order a Ready to Hang Canvas 

you get all the same beautiful definition

of fur as a framed print on

100% cotton canvas.

Room 5.jpg
Arcylic Blocks

Desktop Products


Acrylic Blocks

(Starting from £160)


Available as Add Ons only when you

purchase a full price piece of artwork.

If you're looking for a desktop reminder

of your loved one whilst you work

or something meaningful to brighten up

your sideboard? Acrylics are wonderful ways

to add little smiles to your day as you

move around your home



Good things come in Smalls & Talls packages! 


The lovely thing about your pet photo session is that we'll come away with soooo many photos for you to chose from...

but that can also make it difficult to pin down to just a few select pieces. So, whilst there's options to order individual artworks, I've also put together a few packages that will make it a little easier to choose which beautiful artworks to walk away with. Packages start from £850 and range to £1500. 

Don't forget! You get £50 artwork credit when you book your session to put towards whichever package you choose! You can also pay in interest free instalments!

Minka Tama.jpg

Smallest of Smalls

£850.00 (valued at £900)

(£650 left to pay or 4 payments of £162.50)

So you absolutely adore your furbaby, but you don't want to let on that you're an obsessive pawrent (don't worry, your secret is safe with me!) This package is nice and simple, with one hero image to show off your pride & joy to visitors and a smaller piece to swoon over.


1x A2 framed print/canvas

1x A4 framed print/canvas

Insta-ready files of your purchased prints


Puppy in the Middle

£1150.00 (valued at £1355)

(£950 left to pay or 4 payments of £237.50)

Each photo tells a story all on its own. However, this mid-budget package allows you to have a collection of smaller images and a hero image to hang centre stage on your wall. The perfect package for when you simply can not choose just one!



1x A2 framed print/canvas

4x 8x12 framed prints/canvases

Insta-ready files of your purchased prints 

Puppy in the middle.jpg

Pampered Pooch
£1500.00 (valued at £1610)
(£1300 left to pay or 4 payments of £325)

When just an online gallery won't do and you would happily feature your gorgeous four-legged one all over your home. The Pampered Pooch package allows you to have multiple images in one, as well as individual prints, meaning you can walk away with a lot more images to remember the day you've had together


1x A1 framed print/canvas


1x 30x30 story print/canvas

3x A4 framed prints or canvases

1x A2 framed print or canvas

Insta-ready files of your purchased prints 

Pampered Pooch.jpg
Digital Files

Digital Files

Downloadable straight from your online gallery, these digital files are hi-res, original images which allow you to purchase your own frames or prints through your own printer of choice.

Don't worry, your artwork credit can also be used towards digital files.

10 images        -     £750

20 images        -    £1300

Full gallery      -    £1500

Digitals are available to add on for a reduced price upon purchase of printed artwork

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