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Louis's Session at Coombe Abbey, Warwickshire

Updated: Jan 7

As part of the 'Tails of Warwickshire' book , which was loving created to showcase the wonderful dogs of Warwickshire and raise fund in aid of Guide Dogs.

In Memory of Louis

Lovely Louis is most definitely owed a nod to his participation to the 'Tails of Warwickshire' book project, which helped to raise money over £800 for Guide Dogs last year. This beautiful, happy soul brought so much joy during his 13 years. Lou Lou was most definitely so much more than just part of the family. He was his dad's companion, his shadow and very rarely spent a day away from his side. His passing in May 2023, just under a year after his session at Coombe Abbey make his pages in the book even more special.

Louis, Coombe Abbey, March 2023

On a cool, but sunny morning in March. I went with Louis and his dad Adrian to the beautiful Coombe Abbey Country Park. Due to Louis's age and stiff hips, we planned to have a very slow wander through the grounds with plenty of breaks for Lou to lie down and relax. He looked extremely smart in his blue, tartan bow tie and was an absolute gentleman.

There is nothing quite like seeing a man and his best friend when they've had so many wonderful years together. Louis only had eyes for his Dad and slowly and ever faithfully followed him on our walk together. Lou proudly sat with his Dad under the incredible Redwood trees that rise high into the sky as we captured a heartwarming set of memories...and may have also spent some time enjoying a nice chew to break up the session, followed by an unexpected dip in the mud to finish! Old dogs are never really that old are they 😉

Lou Lou, it was an absolute honour to spend time with you and for such a good cause. Your smile is definitely one that I will remember always. You will be very much missed 🐾

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