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The Whys? Whats? Hows? Wheres? of your session.

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Booking a photo session for your pet can feel like the great unknown, so you're bound to have plenty of questions.

The biggest thing for you to know is that I am here to capture a little piece of what makes your best friend so very special.

Here's some little pointers about your session, but feel free to contact me with any other questions you may have.


You said no session fee, so why do I have to pay a reservation fee?

The reservation fee is a small upfront deposit to reserve your booking spot. This then converts to credit towards the artwork package you choose to purchase at the end of your session. This is fully refundable if you need to cancel, providing you give at least 48 hours notice

Everyone should be able to feel like a beautiful print of their pet is achievable without the huge price-tag that is often involved with photographers' session fees on top of artwork. That's why it all goes back to you to put into something you can cherish forever.


Should I get my pet groomed for the session?

It is definitely not essential that you get them groomed, but remember that these photos will be on view...for all to see...FUREVER! So even if you don't have them groomed, it's good to make sure they're at least looking and feeling their very best. After all, they will be pride of place on your wall in nice big print!

The most important thing is that their eyes are at least visible beneath their fur. You've heard the phrase 'eyes are the window to the soul'? Well, it's absolutely correct! Those gorgeous puppy dog eyes  are exactly where we'll see all those wonderful expressions of character that make your pet who they are.


Note: All eye boogers, bits of grass or dust, excess drool will be removed in post production. 


What if my pet is not very good off-lead or extra shy?

Dogs will be on leash for most, if not all of the shoot (which will be removed from any photos you choose to print) and I find plenty of bribery goes a long way so please do not worry. I also come bearing treats! And squeaky toys! And lots of strange noises! Thankfully photoshop is a wonderful tool and leash removal is part of the process. So do not worry if your dog gets a little distracted when we're out and about.

If your pet is a little shy or generally not a fan of the paparazzi, also not a problem. We can take some time for your pet to play, to get used to me and the camera before we start clicking away. Session times are not fixed to 2 hrs, so we can take as much time as needed to get to know each other. Your session is about capturing your amazing pet as they are, and that's best done when they're comfortable.


Can I be in the photos? What should I wear?

You most certainly can! Family photos are my favourite! Whether you've chosen an outside or inside package, I would suggest wearing something comfortable that you can move around in, which shows who you are. A lot of people choose neutral clothes which work well with their pet's fur, but sometimes something brighter can bring some life to your images. I would, however, advise avoiding  black, (especially if your pet is black) and anything with large logos. You may be sitting on the floor on occasion, so keep in mind when choosing your outfit that things could get a little bit mucky! But we will of course avoid the puddles if your pet doesn't have other ideas.


What happens after my shoot?

After your shoot I will go away and select the very best photos from your session. You'll see a little sneak peek on social media, so keep an eye on instagram & facebook a few days after the shoot! Images will be slightly retouched, edited and put together in an online gallery for you to view and choose your favourite images. This usually takes up to 2 weeks.

If you are purchasing printed artwork, these will take around 4-6weeks to arrive once ordered, depending on the product.

Please note: Images will not be fully edited until you've chosen your artwork so there will still be leashes

If you're looking for some advice on what wall art to buy, we can arrange a meeting to go over samples and to work out packages, which would most suit you. There's no pressure! You can purchase as much or as little as you want. Don't forget, your reservation fee counts as credit towards your print, so you will always be able to walk away with a little something.


How much will I spend?

This is entirely up to you and your budget. Most people spend about $850, preferring purchase at least one hero image and a couple of smaller piece of framed artwork. Artwork starts from $550 but don't forget you'll have your $200 credit to put towards this. 


All pricing packages have been put together to suit different budgets and allow you to walk away with something fantastic that you can cherish. We can also arrange a payment plan, that can be paid off in instalments if you're looking to order a little more but would prefer to spread the spend. Once full payment is received, your orders will be on their way to you.


Can I get digital files?

Photos are an absolute joy to look at and just as wonderful to capture. My aim as your photographer is to shower you with cherished images of the pet you love dearly and remind you of how much wonder they bring to your lives. And who wouldn't want a GIANT portrait of their pet's goofy face splashed across their living room to swoon over?!

Digital files are available to purchase, after a minimum spend on prints. The reason these cost a little more than you'd expect, is that they still take the same amount of time to be edited and tweaked to perfection as a print would. So please spare a thought for your poor hardworking photographer who has spent hours editing your fabulous images as they drift down your wonderful instagram feed.

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