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The Tegg

Being a Bondi Pet Photographer has plenty of perks. There's so many dogs in the area that I can happily satisfy my cravings for puppy cuddles. I spend most of my weekends drooling over at the dogs having fun by Bondi Beach and running on the rock shelf between Tamarama and Mackenzies bay. It's a little piece of doggy heaven! Marks Park is also another fantastic spot to watch endless zoomies!

So when it comes to photographing clients, you would think that I've had my canine fix. However, when puppy dog eyes like beautiful, beautiful Teggy's look up at me through the lens, there is very real danger that I may drop my gear and run off with your pooch...well, not really, but you know what I mean!

Beagles are well known for having a great nose and of course, Teggy's nose ended up straight in my treat bag! (I definitely deliver on the goods, with Salami being a firm favourite.) This certainly meant that he was up for anything.

Teggy is from another fur family that won my December giveaway last year and boy were they perfect! There was so much love on show and they were so lovely to get to know (i have actually bumped into them post COVID so it's nice to be able to see how they've been since).

We started our session by fishbowl. There is a little graffiti heart on its store front that I felt would be the perfect backdrop to get Teggy into posing gear. Not that he needed a warm up ;)

Easy going doggies like The Tegg make being a Sydney Pet Photographer so much more enjoyable. He was was not bothered by the camera at all and generally intergrated me into part of his walkies without a second thought. Teggy was also the best dressed in pup in Bondi that day with his Christmas Bandana! Isn't he a handsome pooch?! Thank you for being so blooming beautiful!

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