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Smalls & Talls is in The Midlands!

Hello there! If you've followed any of Smalls & Tall's progress over the last couple of years, you'll know that whilst the business is Australian born, I am actually originally from the UK. Having taken the time to grow and develop my craft in Sydney for almost 5 years (End of December 2016 - November 2021), it's now time for me to plant my paws firmly back in my home country and start photographing the wonderful dogs of The Midlands. I. Can. Not. Wait!

What does that mean for you?!

🐾Locations, Locations, Locations

Well, if you're in The Midlands, you're in luck! I'm beavering away at the moment, hunting down all sorts of exciting and beautiful new locations around Warwickshire that showcase British heritage for an exciting new project that I'll be announcing in a month or so. How exciting to think that you could have your pup photographed in the grounds of Kenilworth Castle with its glorious Elizabethan gardens?Or in front of the famous Chesterton Windmill

🐾Giving my Session types a groom!

I'll also be launching an updated website with a new format on session types! Now, you may not be able to make head or tail of what that means, but as England has an amazing display of different flowers & foliage throughout different seasons of the year, I'll be able to offer seasonal Limited Edition sessions at the Stunning Cotswolds Lavendar Fields in June and amongst the bluebells of Coughton Court or Millisons Wood in Late April/ May and even at Sutton Park when the heather is in full bloom at the end of Summer!

🐾Local treats & Dog friendly events

The beauty of today's social media game, means that businesses are more inclined to connect with other like minded businesses and people that they may not otherwise have thought of getting in touch with! For example, before my move, I spent a bit of time looking for treat businesses in The West Midlands that I may be able to say hello to and potentially one day collaborate with. Whilst there are no promises, I can, at the very least help to point you in the right direction to some wonderful small local-ish businesses that I can see put their heart and soul into providing your pets the very best treatos. Two of which are Sniffalot Treats based in Wolverhampton and It's a Dog Eat Cake World in Coventry.

There's also plenty of events that I'll hopefully be joining so that you can come and say hello in person and ask any burning questions you may have. So keep an eye out at Dogfest and All About Dog Show next year as there will hopefully be a little Smalls & Talls Pet Photography stand there waiting for you!

Until then, have the best end of November!

Woofs & Wags

Steph 🐾

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