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Number 3 of my 2019 Mini Giveaway sessions! There's no pup that ever suited their name more than gorgeous Rocket! She's fun loving, energetic, bouncy, full of beans, on the go...the list goes on. But the thing which stood out most with Rocket is how much she wanted Mum & Dad to be together in photos with her! Let me explain more below...

It can be a bit of a challenge being a solo Sydney Pet Photographer. There's treats to juggle, toys to wave, posing to direct, all on top of trying to press the shutter in time to capture the expressions and candid moments that my doggie clients make, especially when there are lots of distractions around. I very rarely have an assistant with me, so it can be quite helpful when both Mum & Dad arrive for the session. It means one can hold, and the other can call from behind the camera. Rocket, on the other hand was not impressed when either Mum or Dad came to stand behind the crazy, squeaking, dog photographer lady. This made for a session full of giggles and lots of fantastic family portrait style photos along beautiful Bondi Beach.

Here's the Bondi Graffiti wall again. So many great backdrops to choose from, such as Man.De & Saltwater Dreamtime I feel like the colour and the artiness also helps pawrents relax into the photo session as well as this is definitely where we can spend a bit of time having some fun with posing....Rocket thinks so too ;)

The above photo really captures the mood of our session time together., Sunny day, plenty of smiles. That's just how we like it :). I also think that Rocket, besides being extremely well dressed with her beautiful bow, also has the longest tongue I've ever seen!!! It got longer and longer throughout our session!

But if anything, the wonderful thing I took away from this mini session, was a reminder that once in a while we should stop and smell the flowers. The Bondi to Coogee coastal walk is definitely one those places that we can do this. In fact, I generally walk at least to Bronte or Clovelly every weekend and it never fails to amaze me. What better place for a Bondi Pet Phototgrapher to hold a pet photo session?! If you'd like to book a Bondi - Coogee Costal walk session, have a look here! I can promise that it will not disappoint!

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