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The story of Teddy

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

I haaaad to do a little post about Teddy and his foster parents Izzie and Kiernan. I think it's the most wonderful thing. Poor Teddy did not have the easiest start in life. His mum and litter were found abandoned and taken in by a lady who organising fostering where people are willing to volunteer to look after pups until proper families can be found

I just think this is sooo lovely. You can look after a dog, whatever circumstance it is in and give them the chance to curl up in bed, spend their days with a family, and feel love for a small period of time until they can be properly homed. Amazing!

Teddy is now rehomed, in Bondi, with a great guy and his friends. And it certainly seems like he has been enjoying life!!

I had the chance to meet Teddy again (now named Dog, Hebrew for Teddy) a month or so later. He's grown so much! But is still as sleepy as ever!

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