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What should I wear?!

Most people have a stab of panic with the thought of what to wear for a photoshoot. If that's you, you're not alone!

If you're potentially thinking of being in your photos too but not sure what to wear for your experience, here are a few pointers that I find have worked best for fur families, even if they feel they might not want to be in photos fully.


Don't over think it!

Keep it simple and comfortable.

If you love adventures & hiking, you're more than welcome to wear your walking gear & wellies. Likewise a nice casual pairing of a t-shirts and jeans are more than perfect. Most people opt for a smart/ casual mix for their session.

what to wear.png


 As a general guideline, soft neutrals such as cream, light greys or blues and sagey greens work well as a colour pallet. They allow your dog to stand out against your clothing, in particular if your pup's coat is black, but also allow you to complement them.

These can be paired with the dusky blues of denim and the nice warm tones of leather.

My biggest advice if you are a couple or family is to keep the colour of your outfits complementary to each other and you can't go wrong.

Matchy matchy is always a winner in my book and if your dog turns up in a matching bandana too, I will most definitely squeal in delight!

You can add a pop of print or brighter colour, in accessories to bring a bit more interest to an outfit if you wish. Florals often work really nicely on a dress or shirt as well, and allow for a more uplifting feel to your photos.

If you're coming as a couple or family, it's best to keep to just the top or bottom half with print to avoid your images being too busy.

20221025-Alexander-03 (Hi Res).jpg


Texture is a fantastic way to add some interest to close up photos in particular. Think nice knitted jumpers or scarves, felted hats, corduroy jackets and denim shirts or jeans.


Clothing and accessories with nice visual texture can bring add a very subtle pop of yumminess to a final image that you weren't expecting.


The Weather

Weather is a big factor for outfit choice and can have a bit affect on how you feel during your session. We want you to be comfortable so you're only thinking about your time together.

Wind - Avoid floaty dresses and hats

Sun - Try to avoid sunglasses. Smart hats (not caps) are good as props that may also be helpful to block the sun.

Cold - Stick to smart coats or jumpers. ie leather jackets or long trench coats to keep warm

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