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With five types of sessions available, we can easily tailor your session to a location or an energy that suits both you and your pet. Not every session needs to be mad, crazy and full of ball chasing to capture great images and it may not be what you're after. Maybe you'd prefer a cosy at home shoot, or perhaps you have a favourite place for walkies that you want to incorporate into your images. 

All Session types are $200

Pre-planning Consultation

1-2 hour Photo Session

A gallery of up to 20 images to choose from

An in-person Viewing & Purchasing Appointment

$200 artwork credit 

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All Session Types Include:

*A free over the phone or zoom chat to go over your needs for your session and what artwork you are thinking about for your home.

* 1-2 hour session time during which we will have plenty of fun on walkies or playing with toys whilst we take some amazing photos of your furbaby. There will also be plenty of cuddles & treats on hand should your pup be interested!

(Please allow 2-3hours for the Coastal Walk Session)

*A gallery of up to 20 images to choose from during your viewing & purchasing appointment.

*An in person or zoom viewing & purchasing appointment where we'll view your gallery and talk about the wonderful wall art that you can choose, look at how it will fit in your space and finalise your order.

*$200 artwork credit to put towards your artwork! Win!

Session Types


Walk In the Park

Looking for a few great shots of your furry one in its natural habitat? We all have our favourite spot for walkies, where all the fun happens. Pick a dog beach or a park and we'll spend an hour or two wandering around to catch some of those glorious outdoor moments, when your pup is in its element.

Session Time: Approx 1-2hrs

Location: Selected beach or park

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Home Sweet Home

Sometimes our pets are just more comfortable in their own space. I'll visit your home for an hour or two and become part of the furniture, whilst taking photos of your pet in its favourite spots around the home and garden, They can go about their day to day without any fuss and hassle.

Session Time: Approx 1-2hrs

Location: At your home

(Please let me know if you are outside of the Eastern Suburbs)

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Senior Celebrations

Celebrate your seniors! You know absolutely EVERYTHING about your not so young pup having had several beautiful years with them by your side! You know their silly quirks, their goofy likes & dislikes. 

This moment is about capturing the special love that you have for each other and to celebrate the life long bond you share together.

Session Time: Approx 1-2hrs

Location: At your home or a favourite location


City Slicker

Sydney may be a young city but there is amazing history and great architecture to be found in the CBD.

Fancy some iconic images, why not get some photos in front of the Sydney Opera House? Feel more like Urban artwork would suit your home better? Let's find a quirky street to shoot in. The City is your oyster for this session!

Session Time: Approx 1-2hrs

Location: Sydney CBD

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Coastal Walk

Enjoy the famously beautiful Bondi to Coogee walk, capture some fantastic coastal shots and tire out your little (or big!) pup along the way. I walk at least some of this coastal walk almost every weekend and it never gets old! This really is a gorgeous trail with some brilliant spots to stop along the way for some photos.


Please make sure you leave up to 3 hours for this pet photo session as it can take a little time to get from A-B,  as we will be stopping quite a bit along the way.

Session Time: Approx 2-3hrs

Location: Bondi - Coogee


Sessions take place on weekends only

Locations are dependent on the session you book. I usually take photos within the Eastern Suburbs & Sydney CBD. If you are outside of this area, I am very happy to accommodate you, but travel will be an additional cost.


To book a session, you only need to pay a $200 + gst deposit to secure your time & date.

This deposit then becomes $200 artwork credit for you to put towards the artwork that you purchase during your viewing & purchasing appointment